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Expanding Awareness is a program designed to offer you the opportunity to explore your mind through meditation, as well as begin utilizing your dreamspace for growth and expansion. The steps included in this guide will help you to deepen your meditations, or even beginning meditating successfully for the first time. You will also have the opportunity to understand the messages coming from your Subconscious Mind through your dreams.

If this wasn't exciting enough, you will also receive 24 hour access to coaching services from me included for the full 21 days!

I will be there for you every step of the way to help interpret your dreams, offer insight into your meditation experiences, help troubleshoot if you're having any struggles, and answer any questions you have along the way!

What's Included:

Tier 1

1. The 21 day Expanding Awareness guide

Available as an immediate download. Within this guide are easy to follow steps walking you through the levels of Mind through various exercises. Each of these exercises is incredible on their own, but in addition, each step builds on the last to move you into a quiet place of meditation successfully. 

2. Meditation Journal Sheets

These journal sheets include question topics intended to help you gain more from your meditative experiences. Placing attention on these questions brings more awareness from the inner spaces of Subconscious Mind.

3. The 21 day Expanding Awareness calendar

This resource is a quick reference guide detailing the next step in your meditation exercises to keep you on track. No need to dig back in the pages of your guide to remember what step you're on or the next one you need to add.

4. Discounts on future coaching services

As coaching services become available in the future from Lavender House Intuitive Guidance, you will have the opportunity to receive them at a 10% discount. This is my way of saying thank you for putting your growth and evolution as a priority in your life, thus assisting the entire planet in ascending into the new paradigm of sovereign consciousness.

5. Pre-Program Mini Intuitive Reading

At the beginning of your program I will do an intuitive session to isolate areas within the Subconscious and Emotional levels causing limitations and blockages. These are the areas we can focus directly on during your program for healing and expansion.


6. Post-Program Mini Intuitive Reading

An additional intuitive session will be performed following your completion of the 21 day program to check-in to those levels of Mind and see where movements have occurred and limitations have been released.

Tier 2

All of the above, PLUS...

5. Access to UNLIMITED Dream Interpretation services!

If you were to purchase a dream interpretation every day for 21 days, you'd be spending over $200! This is included with the Expanding Awareness program at a massive discount! Dreams are an incredibly important tool in discovering messages and pulling in knowledge from Subconscious Mind. Every time you remember a dream, I'll be there to interpret it for you and you'll learn how to interpret them for yourself along the way!

6. Dream Journal Sheets

These are included to help you track important details from your dream experiences, which we will then use to interpret those Subconscious messages. The more attention you place on your dreams, and the more details you recall, the more details you'll remember in the future, and the more dreams you'll continue to have. The act of journaling your dreams is powerful in causing more dream recall, more often. 

7. Spiritual Coaching services 

Throughout your journey in this 21 day program, you will have access to spiritual coaching services from me. I am available for any questions you may have, any difficulties you're working through, any guidance you may need, and for every dream interpretation.  I'm just a phone call or message away! It is important to me that you feel fully supported on this journey in order for you to gain the most from this 21 day Expanding Awareness program. 



I am so excited to share the Expanding Awareness program with you. This is a creation from my heart, bringing through my own metaphysical knowledge, experiences, and the messages of angelic beings of Higher Consciousness. It is my hope that after you've spent 21 days building greater awareness within yourself, connecting with your Guides, and learning to access new and expansive areas of Mind, that you will share your experience with others, so they also have the opportunity to benefit from this knowledge as you have and assist our community in growing in consciousness.


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your

growth and expansion!


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