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Divide and Conquer

History repeats itself. Any time any major organization or plan was threatened at any point in history, the tactic of retaliation and protection of said entity was to pit humanity against itself - multiple sides, multiple viewpoints, multiple opposing ideas, which breeds anger, rage, miscommunication, and eventually war. They have it all figured out. As long as they can keep us in our heated emotions and fears, they can keep us distracted from the peaceful connectivity of God within our hearts - and we can continue to remain blind to their tactics.

When the divide and conquer tactics are set into motion, they create a massive chasm that is filled with the illusion of the separation of the people. But every human being has the divine spark of the Creator within them, even those whom we consider “have it wrong”. Therefore, these individuals are always worthy of love, compassion, nurturing, forgiveness, and healing. Where the dark masquerade wins, is in the divide... If they can get two groups of beautiful, enlightened beings to fight against one another - those humans who can truly change the world and heal the Earth - to get heated and overwhelmed by their emotions, they have double the energy resources for their own gain. If we allow the darkness and injustice of the divide and conquer agenda to throw us off of our center point, out of our neutral zone - they win. And we fall into the Chasm.

This DOES NOT mean we spiritually or emotionally bypass what we’re feeling by

1: moving into a place where we embrace all in love and light at the expense of our personal safety, foregoing the need to set a hard boundary… or…

2: into a place of false confidence/ego where we become unable to see where we have leaks and wounds in our field, allowing those same dark energies to manipulate and coerce us into an overly aggressive, false “warrior” archetype.

Discernment of Truth, real and pure Truth, comes from that direct relationship with God - not beings who SAY they “come from God” - but GOD, the Mother-Father field of pure Light and Harmonics. Pouring out our insecurities, fears, and uncertainty to Mother-Father is true healing and has a magical way of clearing our cloudy vision. Focusing on this relationship first and foremost is key... not what he said or what she posted... We must keep that direct line of communication open and nurtured - coming from a place of humility, honesty, and pure intentions. We must be willing to change how we think if it does not align with the real Truth of God. We must never hold so tightly to our own ideas and beliefs of how things work that we lose the opportunity to be shown how it REALLY works. Rather than cycling in the triggered emotions being fed on through this dark and effective agenda, this process of reconnection to Mother-Father within allows us to move back into center, back to neutrality.

We are incredibly powerful creative beings, but if we’re not in direct union with God, what are we in union with? And how could that be manipulating us? Divide and Conquer is the oldest trick in the book - don’t fall for it. Come back into communion with Mother-Father and let that be the compass. Hold steady to that relationship and let it soothe frayed emotions and guide the mind and heart back to the shores of Truth. That is how we topple the machine.

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