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Worth is on my mind lately in a BIG way. These false worth constructs can really mess with our heads. Worth - Earn - Sacrifice. These are heavy words with dense, inverted meaning for most of us. Myself included! Our divinely commissioned codes have always been within us, albeit sometimes buried or held hostage 😆

This journey has always been about remembering who we are. Decluttering and removing the bullshit from our field to see our Light and our connection. That is how we become “worthy” or “earn”. Instead of “earn”, I like “DEVELOP”. We develop our own trust and the trust of our Guides. We develop familiarity with our Light Family. And we remember our worth along the way. It was never outside of us. It has always been within. But one thing that it has never been about is sacrifice. When we’re doing this in the True Light, we only gain from this experience. The inversions around what “worth” and “earning” really are have taken us so far from Truth and held us captive in a prison of sacrificial offering of our own soul fragments and inheritance.

The True Sun has been eclipsed by the debris in our own field. And when we move that debris out of the way, we remember. When we sit with the remembrance, we receive. When we receive we can understand. When we understand, we can embody. And when we embody, we can DO. We can guide, we can heal, we can move mountains. We shine the Light of our True Creator for all to see and receive. We are worthy of this honor. That’s never been a question. We just thought it was 😉 We have to remember that this is all within us and be willing to go on that internal adventure to find it again.

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