1:1 Sessions

Shauna's mission is to assist others in their journey toward self awareness, self understanding, and connection with the Creator. This brings through inner unity and wholeness. The alignment and balance of our internal energy births peace, fulfillment, and connection, and allows us to step into the flow of creation, as we were intended to.

In these sessions, we will connect with your emotional body, or the Light Body, which holds all information about us as a Being, conscious and unconscious, within all levels of Self. Within our Light Body, we hold records of experiences, other lifetimes, our belief systems, our traumas, and our limitations. We will work on understanding what is currently holding the Self back, our blockages and limitations, how they originated, and how we can release these patterns with compassion and empathy.


Releasing these misalignments creates space for dynamic change to happen in all levels of Being. Power returns, Sovereignty is integrated, and Manifestation becomes easy.

"Life is passion and play and anything less is not for you. I know this. You know this. It's time to let go of  those limitations you hold, old beliefs that don't belong to you, habitual patterns that drag you down, sticky residue of past experiences that hold you hostage and prevent you from moving toward your dreams. Scarcity mindset and lack mentality are a thing of your past. Step into your divine birthright and live as you were intended to..."

- Shauna