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Skincare is self care...

Shauna is a licensed Holistic Esthetician with over seven years of experience helping others heal their skin. She has also had the privilege of teaching other budding estheticians when she was an educator at her alma mater.

Shauna believes skin care is an act of self care. Our body is the temple of our spirit and vehicle for our soul in this incarnation, and when we choose to treat our temple with honor and care, we also bring love and presence to our energy-self. Shauna practices a whole-self approach when working toward healing skin conditions and imbalances with patients. Our skin is a reflection of our internal space. If we are imbalanced internally, whether that is due to emotional disruption, food sensitivity, metabolic or hormone instability, we will see those effects on our skin. 

Our skin is our largest organ and it speaks to us every day, letting us know what's happening internally and what can be addressed in order to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into homeostatis.

Shauna currently practices esthetics at Birch Botanical Spa in beautiful, historic St. Charles, Missouri. If you are local and would like to schedule an appointment, click the link below.

If you are interested in purchasing holistic, botanical-based skincare, Shauna would love to guide you into a safe and appropriate regimen customized for your skin type and needs. Shipping is available across the United States for all skincare. Contact her below for your FREE virtual skincare consultation.

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