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A Channeled Message From The Aurora Guardians

Tonight I was receiving from Higher Consciousness on some personal matters, but the message They ended with was one I felt encouraged by Them to share.

The best way I can personally express how the Aurora Guardians feel to me is like the warm, pastel breath of God. The Spirit; formless, shapeless, and made of such pure love, it takes my own breath away.

I hope their message helps you to feel a little more positive about where you are in life, and maybe gives you a little direction where it may have been lacking.

This journey has ALWAYS been about self love. Self love extends itself into love of our neighbor, good will for fellow humans, the Earth, all of her inhabitants, and beyond. Love is All ❤️

“…it is not to scare her. It is to say, "we love you so much, we will stop at nothing to show you how to love yourself".

You see, that is the task. All along, the mission was "to love the Self". To radically and unconditionally fall in love with the Self, as no one in her line ever has.

That is the curse. It is the curse of never being worthy of one's own love. Each generation has been given tasks, opportunities to love the self. But there are great burdens of shame, guilt, unworthiness that rest upon the shoulders of all.

To love the self is to see the self as the shining radiance of God's Light in the Flesh. The Flesh is holy. The Flesh is worthy, or Source would not have chosen the Flesh to embody within, as God's Light has embodied within each angelic human.

To Love the Self, is to Love God.”

Blessings and Love from one angelic heart to another 🙏❤️

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