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About Shauna

"I'm so happy you're here! Nothing brings me greater joy than helping others to perceive themselves in all their glory. To release limiting beliefs. And to finally allow themselves to dream bigger, own their power, and claim a sovereign lifestyle!" 

- Shauna Rupp



Certified NLP Mindset Mentor
Certified Regression Hypnotherapist QHHT®
Usui, Tibetan Reiki I and II Practitioner
Quantum Energy Body Alignment Facilitator
Light Language Frequency & Harmonic Channel

Self awareness is our birthright...

Shauna has many passions, but helping others is at the center of it all...

Her intuitive abilities have led her into many forms of healing work: intuitive energy healing sessions, tarot and oracle readings, dream interpretations, reiki, and spiritual coaching, just to name a few. And with each client, Shauna has felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Mentoring others into becoming more self aware and more aware of their own divine origins is Shauna's purpose. And while she teaches others, Shauna remains an eternal student, always learning from her clients and their spiritual journey in the process.

Shauna has practiced as an intuitive healer for most of her adult life, but her intuitive gifts were present from childhood. Seeing and feeling multi-dimensional energy, beings, and timelines that others couldn't perceive was her existence. Growing up "different" caused Shauna to retreat into her shell, to avoid others, and to isolate. Overcoming these ingrained tendencies and thriving despite her origin story is how she has grown into her own intuitive abilities. And it is through this experience of completely transforming her own Self, from the inside-out, that she is able to teach others how to do the same.


Would you believe that she tried to stay small, to hide her gifts, and to live a "normal" life out of fear? Yea, she can't believe it either. Who was that girl?

What began as a source of insecurity and self-consciousness was the very energy that brought Shauna back to her divine purpose - her reason f0r incarnating again. Reminding others that we are not here to live small. We are not here to live in pain, fear, confusion, or misalignment. WE ARE NOT HERE TO HIDE...


We are here to DREAM

to LIVE passionately

to THRIVE in our lifestyle

and to set an example of DIVINE POWER for others

This is your invitation to live fearlessly

And Shauna is here to walk with you on your path...

Shauna lives with her husband, two children, two cats, and big, sweet dog near St. Louis, MO, where she practices energy healing and holistic esthetics locally.

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