A Note On Disclosure

If disclosure and knowing the “truth” about the darker side of existence in the lower dimensional fields causes you to retract or approach your life in fear - stop exposing yourself to it

And odds are, even if you are a seasoned veteran of self-connectivity and conscious awareness practices, you still get pulled into the muck and low density

And that’s ok! We are beings of Light and creation. In our true nature, we are not compatible with those lower frequencies. So when we’re exposed to those triggers, our energy responds in a way that says “I am uncomfortable”- as it should!

PSA: ***It is NOT required to know the intricacies of evil or darkness for you to live in your purest, most authentic expression of Self. In fact, sometimes that knowledge becomes detrimental to our abilities for creation***

Attention is currency. Focus is energy. What you focus on grows and expands

A child does not understand racism, sexism, abuse, or trauma until they are exposed to it. If they are never exposed: IT DOES NOT EXIST IN THEIR REALITY

Think about that for a second. Just because something exists “out there”, does not mean it needs to exist for you. You can create your own heaven on earth right where you’re at, by focusing your energy on love and peace

The more you choose to focus your precious attention and energy on creations that bring fulfillment, joy, peace, and abundance to your life, the more you uplift the grid you interact with

If we each effect our personal space and those grids in a positive way, and each of those grids interact with one another, we are effecting universal energetic consciousness together en masse!

We don’t correct inversions by focusing our attention on evil and going to war in rage and fear. We don’t fight low vibration with low vibration

  • We liberate existence through peaceful perseverance

  • We free energy from density through hope and belief

  • We change the world by changing our thoughts and behaviors

  • We create a new paradigm through actions of love

If it’s too much for your sensitive soul (and we are ALL sensitive souls in our True Form) - let it go. Please let your inner child feel peace and joy. That little one is the key to the future. A future that holds freedom, peace, and Heaven on Earth

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