Bat Medicine: Adapting to Change

Tonight, the kids and I were out after dusk with the doggo and happened to notice two little bats swooping around catching mosquitos in the back yard. The kids made up songs about bats and we created a tune of bat harmonics (what we think their energy sounds like ☺️). I haven’t seen many bats in our yard since living in this space, surprisingly, since we butt right up to the woods and undisturbed ground. But seeing them tonight made me remember: bat medicine is really cool!

Bats use echolocation to determine their surroundings. They send out high frequency chatter, and their echo (their own sound bouncing off objects in the area) keeps them from running into walls and such. They trust in their incredible hearing to keep them from harm and to help them adjust as they explore and fly.

This incredible little being shows us the power of trust and adaptability. The ability to send out a signal, a thought, an idea - then discern what it means, how it sounds, how it feels - and then course-correct based on that feedback.

Is this not the most perfect example of the process of understanding?

Being open to adapting to changing ideas, changing thoughts, changing beliefs, as we explore and discern ourselves, our surroundings, and this life - this is growth! This is expansion!

The bat doesn’t say, “I’m a fraud! I was going West, but now I understand that there’s a wall there and I have to turn South. No one must know that I was wrong about going West!!”

NO! The bat simply corrects its course and continues onward - as we all should! As is necessary in the growth and expansion process!

As we seek a greater connection with ourselves and God, we will be guided to the proper destination. And I promise you - it’s not a linear path. You will most definitely encounter twists and turns and dead ends. You will absolutely be wrong and have to turn around and head back the way you came, regroup, and set a new path. And there is NO SHAME IN THAT!!

Accept that process! Facing our shadows means admitting we don’t have all the answers. Maybe we’ve found some Truth, maybe we’ve had some incredible, honest realizations about the mechanics of life and existence - but only God has all the answers. And what a lovely thing to not have the responsibility of being “all-knowing”.

Enjoy being human and being part of the divine simultaneously. Take a page out of the bat’s book - fly playfully through life, explore your shadows and the dusky areas of your being, adapt and grow, spread your wings and trust that you’re being guided to your highest destination 🦇 ❤️

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