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Channeled Message From Spirit 6-8-24

Chatting with Spirit yesterday and this message was given:

“The opportunity to access a level of your own higher consciousness that has previously been unavailable while in the human form is being offered currently.

Any challenges, difficulties, stimulus that are being provided at this time are given lovingly with the purpose of stimulating CHANGE within consciousness, and thus, the physical body. The human form is being upgraded and much adjustment is required in this process. It can be uncomfortable,  but it is necessary for the next phase of human evolution. The consciousness cannot expand to the necessary degree to hold next evolutionary development if the body and mind are not also being upgraded in their crystalline structure.

This is an exciting time to witness humanity! Your own higher consciousness is observing your evolution with love and pride! You are supported and need only ask for assistance in order for assistance to be provided, now and always.

With love ❤️”

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