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Conscious Parenting

We are the first example our children have of God in this embodiment. How we show love to ourselves and to them, is how they perceive the love of God. How we show compassion, nurturance, comfort, honest emotions, self care and care of others is how they perceive the Mother. How we create structure, safety, security, trust, offer truth and accountability, is how they perceive the Father.

Many of us didn’t have the opportunity to witness these pure character traits in our own parents. Parenting ourselves, healing those wounds and showing up for our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs is ultimately how we learn to consciously parent our own children. It seems so obvious in theory, but putting this into practice can be an incredible challenge.

The integral part of this process is recognizing our deep, soul NEED for our heavenly parents. We cannot become aware of, or heal these wounds without actively engaging in and nurturing a relationship with the Holy Mother and Father. We are the Child of our Holy Parents and we are valuable, worthy, and so deeply cherished and loved by the Mother and Father. Even if we have a damaged relationship with our human caretakers/parents, or no relationship at all, we are accepted and honored by our Holy parents. Our home is within the heart of the Living Light of the Mother and Father. This pure heart is in our heart. We are one with the divine Love of our True Parentage and it is one with us. We exist within one another.

Separation from the Godhead is an illusion and a product of the forced amnesia we have been subjected to. Freedom is in the remembrance that our core vibration and light, who we truly are, matches the heavenly chorus of the heartstrings of the Mother, the vibrant and prismatic Light of the Father.

Whether we have children currently, plan to have children, or we are just focusing on the vital act of parenting ourselves, coming back into Union with the True Living Mother and Father is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Before we can become the conscious parent, we must first become the true child. We belong, we are cherished, and we are loved, always.

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