Daydreaming is Part of a Healthy Mind

Daydreaming is part of a Healthy Mind ☁️

It’s within daydreaming, imagining the possibilities, that we get to explore the potential of our life experiences and even more importantly: the potential of who we can become 🌟

The best version of ourselves is already within us, waiting to be explored and birthed into our reality through the process of remembering who that Being truly is

Part of remembering our True Self is through imagination… who do we WANT to be? How do we want to LIVE? What are our passions and desires? How do we want to RESPOND to life’s stimulus? What does our ideal life look like?

If we do not choose to spend time exploring our highest ideals, we’ll never get a chance to live them out

Activating those Soul memories of passion, play, exuberance, and purpose is accessed partially through imagination and daydreams

In this process of daydreaming and imagining our highest ideals, we’re offered glimpses into where we are NOT in alignment with what we’re desiring. Behavioral patterns, habitual processes, mindless responses to stimulus and triggers, repetitive self-destructive cycles or thoughts that inhibit movement forward on our ideal path, emotional trauma residue in our field which can cause all of the above.

We’ll be faced with all of these and more in order to process those energetic blocks and begin functioning in a healthier capacity. Some of this will bring experiences into our field that trigger us and charge us. And we then have the opportunity to put into practice what our HIGHEST VERSION OF SELF, the MOST TRUE PART OF US, would do

“What Would ‘I AM’ Do?” 😉

We have the opportunity to drop these processes out of our field and integrate healthier ones - perhaps processes that we’ve always had within us, but became disconnected from…

This then allows us to become in vibrational-resonance with what we’re seeking…

…or rather: what is seeking US 😘

And then we have the opportunity to begin creating in reality what we’ve begun to create in the Mind! And that is where we make real MAGIC happen 🔥

It’s a process, but oh baby is it worth it 🙌🏻




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