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Divine Union

I have met and am in union with my Beloved. I am beyond blessed to have this divine human to share this life with. But it didn’t just happen that way. For a long time, I walked the “manifestation” path - “believe it and visualize it enough and it’ll be yours”. While there is some merit in this, if we are running inverted coding in regards to any area of our life, no amount of visualization is going to bring that subject in to our life, particularly in regards to reuniting with our Beloved.

In the past, when asked how I “brought in” this relationship with my husband, I would say something to the effect of, “I fully detached from the toxic relationship I had been in, then I made a list of character traits I wanted in my partner and claimed that the relationship would be mine.” And that’s true, but it’s such an infinitesimal piece of what really happened.

To give some back story, I had been in an abusive relationship for years prior to meeting my husband. It was the definition of the “alien love bite” scenario and my Sophianic codes were being siphoned so completely, that I can only describe my state of mind as “gone”. I truly had black out moments where I would find myself with him and not even know how I got there. I was fully and completely controlled by these inverted union codes running in my field. I had totally lost my sovereignty in that relationship. Somehow, somewhere along the line, my Guides managed to peak through and get me to reunite with the one being whom I had a sincere connection with: Mother Mary.

I was raised Catholic, but my connection to Mother Mary was beyond the boundaries of religion. I experienced her intimately in my life from a very young age and those experiences had stuck with me (and still do). It was through that connection to Her that I was able to release the bondage and toxic enslavement to a vampiric darkness controlling the human I was in a relationship with.

Somehow I found myself going to a little chapel in the tiny town I lived in, and sitting in front of a statue of Mary, nearly every single day for around 3 months. I would go after class and sit before her, and then I would sob uncontrollably. I felt like my entire body was being ripped to pieces. I remember feeling my womb ache, even without the presence of bleeding. My voice would be hoarse when I’d leave from the sobs that wracked through my throat. I begged Her to help me be free of the man I repeatedly and inexplicably felt myself returning to time and time again. I begged Her to guide me to never be in a relationship with anyone like him again. I prayed that if someone approached me who embodied those attributes, She would help me turn the other way and never look back.

I released all expectation of ever having a partner. I would rather have been alone for the rest of my life than return to a relationship like the one I had been in. I completely handed over my journey. I begged that She would guide me to a good man, or to no one at all.

What I didn’t realize then was that I was moving through an initiation. In those 3 months, I had purged the inverted union coding that was keeping me locked into a loop of trauma, reopening wounds again and again, never healing.

In order for me to move into a place where I could receive my Beloved, those inversions had to be removed from my field. I also had to release control. Prior to meeting the toxic individual I had been a prisoner to, I had many ideas and perceptions about love and relationships that, looking back now, were all inverted based on what I had witnessed in my parents’ relationship and other toxic relationships in my childhood. I know now that these inverted programs were placed in my field with the intention of sabotaging any chance I had of reuniting with my Beloved in this life. It was my choice to dismantle them and open my field to God’s divine will for my potential union. I released control, did my part of purging, as painful as it was, and allowed my Guides and God to lead me toward True Sacred Union.

Of course, not everyone’s journey will look like this. We all have unique paths and our experience with Sacred Union will look different. I use this example of my own journey to offer the components of any journey back to the Christos-Sophia: Use of free will, removal of obstacles in the field, releasing expectations and control, and keeping a close and intentional relationship with our Soul Family and Creator. I believe that these are the foundational pillars for reuniting with our Selves, our Purpose, and our Beloveds. No one can choose this journey for us. In our sovereignty, we must choose this path for ourselves. Our Guides and Soul Family stand ready, waiting for us to say the word and consent to their assistance. Our freedom is always our choice.

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