Divine Union Part 2

In a follow up to my last post, I think it’s important to note that too much emphasis on finding the external union with our divine partner can divert attention away from the true work. That divine union with our Beloved is our birthright, but that cannot be the primary focus. What I was purging in my field was not just related to my external union with my Beloved; more importantly, these inverted union codes were keeping me from truly uniting my own Christos-Sophia divinity within me. I was unable to reclaim that union within myself while those codes were running in my field.

As a byproduct of that purge and reclamation, I was brought into union with my Beloved. However, my focus in that moment was not about an external relationship at all! I desperately wanted to be whole within and that was my prayer with Mother Mary. “Show me the way back home, to myself and to my True Creator”. That shift of attention from external motivation to internal gnosis was the difference. And any external reuniting with our divine partner (whether meeting them again in this life or deepening the relationship we’re already in) must first start with our intention to be united to the True Godhead from within our own person. We have work to do with our Beloved, but that work begins within us and through our personal relationship to the True Creator.

IG really restricts the ability to share in completion, so this required a two-parter 😆

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