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Freedom is Responsibility

Some musings on true freedom from my journaling time today:

Freedom is not being free of responsibility. It’s CHOOSING responsibility that is in alignment with your desires and dreams. It is choosing where you put your energy and moving in the direction of your soul’s authentic expression.

Freedom is doing “work” that lights up your spirit and brings you true fulfillment and joy. Freedom is saying no to anything that isn’t a “hell yes” - and having built up that self connection and relationship to Source that you KNOW beyond a doubt that your “no” is supported. That you will be guided to your “yes”.

Freedom is in your personal authority. The knowing in your body. The accountability for your choices and movement in your life. It is in the moments of honoring the mind, the body, and the spirit with what is healthy and right for those energy vessels. Rather than what our habitual and ingrained patterns and beliefs may be urging us to do/not do.

Freedom is in building a trusting relationship with the self. Knowing that you have your best interest in mind and will always uphold what is healthiest for your own development and peace.

Freedom is in pure connection. Maintaining a conversation with the spirit self, with Source. In knowing the difference between urges of the immature emotional body, and the true intuitive voice.

Freedom is in radical responsibility of Self

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