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Full Moon in **LEO** (what???)

Whew ya'll, it's been a minute since I've posted a blog, but the energy coming in with this Full Moon brought with it a reminder of my own purpose - to share the knowledge of these energies with my people! So here we go...


You might be wondering why I'm saying this Full Moon is in Leo, as many are saying otherwise.

I personally follow Sidereal Astrology (as opposed to western or Tropical astrology). Sidereal looks directly at the sky above us to determine the "real time" position of celestial bodies in the heavens.

Tropical astrology is the typical chart used in Western astrology and it is based on a charting system that was developed over 2000 years ago. This chart is "fixed" and hasn't been updated since it's creation. Unfortunately, it does not account for the slight degree of movement in the constellations (approximately 1 degree westward every 72 years). This actually causes a current difference in celestial placement by about 24 degrees between the two types of astrological charting. As a result, these two systems have slightly different zodiac dates. 

Sidereal astrology is considered the most "nature based" form of charting as it follows the current energies of the cosmos in real time.

On to the meat and bones:

Leo encourages us to trust that our heart will lead us to our divine “yes”! That Lion energy is fierce, proud, confident, and assertive. But it’s also connected to divine creation. It asks us to shine light on our desires and what we’d like to offer the world. Leo brings the divine inspiration along with the assertiveness to take action toward that dream.


Reflect on your true, heart-based desires. What are they? How do you see yourself sharing them? What does that divine path look like to you?

How can you improve the environment around you to support what you’re trying to create?

You have the seed, now how are you going to water it? What does the soil (your foundation) require in order to grow this seedling? What sun exposure (new habits and choices) can you offer to ignite expansion? What weeds (old habits and perceptions) need to be pulled to allow this seed the most nutrients for growth and movement?

Shadow Work:

  1. Disbelief in personal power

  2. Distrust in divine intervention

  3. Lack of faith in potential outcomes

  4. Focusing on the end goal rather than what’s needed in the present moment

  5. Clinging to old patterns and beliefs

  6. Stagnation or frozen movement due to lack of self belief

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of potential energy associated with this Full Moon. You may be feeling pressure, stretching, pushing, or contracting in your field right now. Sit with these energies and see where they take you within yourself. They're energies pointing to areas within the self that need a little extra love and attention in order to be alchemized and then utilized for greater expansion and abundance in your life!

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