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Healing the Sacral in the Physical

Some consider the flesh to be dirty, to be lowly.

But what if there are certain wounds that require us to be in the flesh to fully heal?

Sexual energy, sacral energy, is the energy of passion. Passion is not just sexual or erotic in nature. Passion is anything that lights our soul on fire. Anything that brings us into a unification of body and Spirit.

Passion IS the SPIRIT!

Ecstasy is a form of passion. And ecstasy is of the Spirit.

Believing that the human body experiencing ecstasy is “unclean”, could be illuminating an area of sexual trauma within the Light body. The body moving into ecstasy in pure form, is unification between the body and the Spirit. Alignment within all levels of Consciousness.

The act of sex can be a way of desperately seeking release, or connection, or joy, or a high, or domination over another. These are all forms of misalignment due to sacral trauma. And this is where we find inversions of the sexual energy.

But if approached from a pure place - a place of desiring unification within the self, without claiming or forcing - sexuality can be another form of pure alignment with Godsource.

Inversion of sacral energy due to trauma is where we can “feel” an imbalance in the outward expression of sexuality.

When in climax, a trauma inversion will cause a spiral of pure creation/Spirit of God energy to fractal out and “shatter” - effectively the opposite of unification. This holds the energy of force, expectation, physical gratification, and taking from the partner and the experience.

When in pure form, a climax will create a perfect alignment of unified sexual energy, complete and whole, merging and holding space with Godsource - experiencing all levels of self into the highest expression.

When two individuals can hold space for this personal unification to occur within themselves, allowing space for the other to unify within their own self as well, a pure spiral of two whole and complete sacral energies intertwined, is created. A new form of unity occurs between these two that allows for a completely new process of experiencing God’s Spirit.

In many cases, the human body is lusted after, with no intention of higher good. There is a desire to claim, to own, to take, to force. Becoming very aware of our intention in engaging in any sexual act allows us to witness our trauma loops, and to break the bondage of sacral wounding.

Sacral/sexual energy is to be honored, revered, respected, and appreciated. When a trauma-wounded individual expresses their fragmented sexual energy, there is an incomplete-ness. A lack of unity within the identity being displayed. And we can feel this. There is a pulling, a forcefulness, a discomfort, a contraction. Something just feels “off”.

When someone takes the time to honor and heal their sacral/sexual wounds, the trauma is alchemized into divine Light. And this Light is felt as well. We feel the complete expression of sacral identity. The honor, the reverence, the pure desire for alignment within all levels of being. There is no force. Only unity and transcendence.

The human form is sacred and has the ability to bring through pure expressions of love and sexual honor. It is through the human form that we can heal these sacral wounds. We require the body to express in the ways that allow that healing to move through all dimensional frequencies: including the 3D level.

Without this human experience, there are fragments of our pure, Soul identity that might never be recovered. What a gift to experience and to heal in this body.

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Annelot Lensing
Annelot Lensing
14 de nov. de 2021

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥 really good!!

14 de nov. de 2021
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Thank you for reading, dear friend ❤️❤️❤️

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