I'm All About Following Your Gut...

That little voice inside that encourages you to take a step out of your comfort zone, the soft whisper that pushes you ever so slightly in a particular direction. Your intuitive knowing is always urging you toward the best version of yourself, and if you're paying attention, you might just hear it.

In following my own internal compass, I found myself creating an Etsy shop. Opening a brick and mortar metaphysics/spiritual shop is something I've dreamed of since I was a little girl (I was an unusual kid lol). While I don't have an overhead space (yet...), Etsy has provided me with a little corner of the internet where my creative expression can unfold in a new way. T-shirt design isn't something that sounds very spiritual or elevating, but let me tell you, it has gotten my creative juices flowing and I only wish I had more time in my day to hang out in the Zone.

The Present Space is still in its infancy, but the learning curve keeps me coming back for more. I've added witchy designs, inspirational boho styles, storybook illustrations, and even some home decor and kitchenware. I'm not sure where else this little creative project will take me, but I'm listening to Little Shauna and letting her guide me. She's a shy girl with a lot of imagination and she's been afraid of self-expression for most of her life. I'm gently urging her out of her safe shell ;)

With that all said, if you're so inclined and want to peruse the shop, click HERE to visit my elementary designs (I'm sure they'll evolve as I learn lol). And as always, thank you for being here <3

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