Lean In

Lean In

My path into intuitive work has not been linear. I spent most of my life trying to turn off my ability to feel the energy in a room, around another individual, in any environment. I was painfully shy and had horrible anxiety as a child. I cried every day before school (and regularly at school), through elementary school. I had terrible stomach issues related to anxiety all my life, which caused even further anxiety in any situation.

I didn’t realize until adulthood that I was picking up on energetic frequencies. My intuition was super active and I was overstimulated. I had no direction on how to care for myself - in any way, honestly, but especially with these abilities. I did everything I could to avoid, deny, and numb what I was feeling and just be like “everyone else”.

I had a 4-year period of isolation as a teenager (maybe one day I’ll talk about that here) and during that time I had quite a few experiences that “turned on” my abilities again. Then after the birth of my daughter, and severe postpartum depression with a few dark nights of the soul, I felt activated again and my journey into self awareness and connection with my Creator shifted into a more focused view.

This has been a lifelong process of shedding false overlays, conditioning, and programming, then rebirthing time and again into a version of Self that gains more truth with every experience. This process has been painful and messy, but humbling and expanding too. I look in awe at where I am now compared to where I have been and I thank God that I leaned into growth, instead of resisting. That I finally looked at the painful parts of my body, heart, and soul, instead of running away. And I’m not done yet!

Healing is not easy. And it’s never finished. But my God, what an incredible gift we have in this opportunity to remember who we are and form that connection with our light family. There is so much beauty in the chaos of this process and those are the moments that make it worth it.

Don’t stop. Lean in.

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