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Lucky Number 13

Lucky Friday the 13th

In ancient tradition, the number 13 held magical, divine properties and was associated with the Feminine energy of creation.

In Tarot, the 13th card is the card of Death. This card is one of transformation! Like the caterpillar who becomes the butterfly, transformation can feel dark at first, before we grow our wings.

Ancient Egypt believed life had 12 cycles, which culminated with the transformation into the Spirit Realm in the 13th cycle - the realm of the divine! A full circle movement, back to the beginning, but with greater wisdom.

In numerology, 13 breaks down into 4 - the number of stability and grounding. Being in balance between our masculine and feminine energies (the energies of creation/emotion and action/physical) allows a stabilization to occur.

As time went on, we lost the original meaning of the divine number 13. We have an opportunity to bring this knowledge back and reclaim this number for what it originally was - creation and transformation!

Happy Friday the 13th to all 🌟🌸☀️

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