May the Force Be With You

We can see through the inversions

To the heart of Truth within the fall

We can transform the confusion

Because we are the sons and daughters of the Most High

The True Breath of God moves through our Spirit

The Royal Blood flows through our veins

And the Divine Spark of creation ignites within our soul

We witness the diamond in the coal

We see the gold in the dirt

And co create the Kingdom from the ashes of the wounds we have alchemized

We have the vision

We have the ability

And we bring about the healing of the Earth, the Cosmos, through all levels of Being

We begin with I, we extend through We, and we see Us in All

We are here and we will stay

The Guardians, the Compassionate, the Steadfast, the True

We have and we hold

We do, we have, and we will

Within the Present, which exists throughout

Here we heal, and here we stand in Unity

Hands clasped, spirits kindred

We remember and we continue

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