Mercury Retrograde is an Opportunity

Even if you don’t believe in astrology (so to speak), the following approach is good for anybody, at any time…

We’re in the season of breakdowns, malfunctions, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. BUT - we are incredibly powerful creators and we get to decide how we react to our environment and our experiences 🙌🏻

A change in perspective is really all that’s required to alchemize a crap situation (our perspective) to an opportunity for self understanding and personal growth (also our perspective) 🌱

Misunderstanding ⏩ Clarification

Malfunction ⏩ Resolution-orientation

Confusion ⏩ Clarity

Chaos ⏩ Presence

The goal of experiential alchemy is to become more self aware. To be able to reflect on our reactions, our behaviors, our thoughts patterns, and our approaches 👍🏻

And then - to reformulate, course correct, and become grounded in the present in order to upgrade our perspective to something more useful to our life and circumstances 🌟

When we feel caught up and stressed out by triggering events and human beings, it is VITAL (always but especially right now) to take a step back, take a break, take accountability, and shift our perception 👀

Practice extra self care and stay aware of your thoughts and emotions right now (and always). And this time may prove to be incredibly useful and transformative for mind, body, spirit, and circumstances 😉✨

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