Opening to Prayer

The number one question I get asked most often is how to pray. The act of prayer is organic and should be a conversation. But setting up a safe space within which that organic conversation can happen is really the intention with this question. “How do I feel safe?” Is what I really hear. And it resonates so deeply for me. I did not feel safe in prayer or in any way for the majority of my life. I was raised with religion and actually very devout, so prayer was something that I practiced daily. I had an interesting environment growing up, saw and felt a lot of disturbing things in the energetic field, and didn’t have much safety or support in the home environment, so my prayers were fueled by fear and lack. I also had no idea how to protect my field or direct my prayers toward true Light. I was very much stuck in religious doctrine, calling on false guides and a false god for protection from the very beings I was addressing in prayer 🤯

As an adult, having gone through some clearing of false practices already, returning to prayer was something that intimidated me. I didn’t know what was safe, who could be trusted, how to discern false from truth in regards to guides or energies. I felt so fearful and lost!

Knowledge is power and educating ourselves from various sources, expanding our mind, is great! But at some point, the external seeking has to be balanced with movement inward. The only true way to determine if the information we’re taking in is accurate and true, is through discernment. And discernment is learned through building Self awareness, which happens through the connection to True Light. That connection with inner knowing, the internal compass, the energetic yes and no. This is something we all have, but it’s not something we are all connected to. And sometimes that connection is distorted for various reasons.

Prayer is absolutely imperative in building internal discernment, releasing inversions and false light, reconnecting with our divine family, and remembering our own Light. Knowing how to direct our prayers and build a safe container through which we can communicate with only those beings that align with the Holy Mother and Father is SO IMPORTANT. Before we can receive understandings, connect with our Guides, or activate our gifts, we have to KNOW beyond a doubt that we are connecting with the True Light, our Holy Mother and Father. Especially because false light can disguise itself so well and appear as truth.

Verbiage is something that can be uncomfortable for many people. “Holy”, “Christ”, “Christos”, “Jesus”, even “God”. These are all words that have been taken from their original meaning and distorted with the intention of creating darkness and disconnection from the Creator. The true meaning of these words is where we find direct connection to that Pure Light. We cannot simply say “dear universe” and expect only the good stuff to move in. The universe is filled with all kinds of beings, many of which do not have the highest intentions.

Exploring the trigger within those words will lead to understandings regarding false new age light, old religious programming in our field, just to name a couple. Calling on the Holy Mother and Father to assist in removing these inversions will begin the clearing process. With regular prayer, directed toward that pure Light of the True Living God, we can come to a place of safety and trust. And within that safe container, the most beautiful things can happen 💜

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