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For most of my life I was told I needed to toughen up. That a sensitive kid like me wouldn’t survive in the real world. But maybe the “real world” needs sensitive souls to soften the hard edges and bring in more sensitivity of emotion.

Softness and sensitivity have been equated with weakness for ages. And this was something I was told frequently. I tend to trust quickly and assume the best of others. And this has certainly gotten me into trouble in the past. Not because being sensitive and trusting is weak - but because the divine masculine wasn’t creating strong boundaries of protection for my sensitive feminine nature to explore experiences and relationships in safety.

In this season of my life, I’m learning how the true divine masculine can gently guide and softly lead. Creating a pathway that the sensitive feminine can safely navigate.

I’m finding that the masculine energy has so many facets of being. He can wield the sword, but he can also hold space. He can fiercely defend, but he can also offer quiet reverence. The masculine holds the line, but not in a one-dimensional capacity. He is as multi-faceted and moving as the feminine.

I’m learning that my own sensitivity and softness is not weakness, but rather another harmonic tune of the feminine - something to be appreciated and protected. And allowing the reverent protector that is the divine masculine to hold boundaries and care for the sensitivities of the soft feminine, creates space for a dance to occur between these two facets of Self, where balance and integration can occur.

Sensitivity, emotions, softness, innocence, these are GIFTS!! If you are a sensitive soul like myself, find gratitude for these attributes. Love yourself for your sensitivities, not despite them. We were given this sensitive nature with a beautiful purpose. Share these gifts with the world 💚💙💜

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