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I’m so very excited to share that I’ll be joining the wonderful women of Birch Botanical Spa in St. Charles as an energy practitioner and esthetician beginning May 2! 

My heart has been yearning to take the leap into offering hands-on energy work for quite a while now. Of course, the part of me that has never experienced this kind of leap is shaking in her boots, but when I move from my “mental-space” (my lovely protective energy) and into my heart-space (my soul-led, intuitive knowing) it feels like one of the most aligned movements I’ve ever made.

Birch is a holistic spa which uses botanical based products to assist in balancing the skin and aligning the energy of the mind, body, and spirit. Each service is infused with energy-work and for me, this will include whatever intuitively comes up in the service to be offered and acknowledged for growth and alignment. 

This opportunity will also bring with it the chance to host spiritual/energy-focused community events. It has been a MASSIVE pull on my heartstrings to create and hold space in a group setting, in-person, for others to connect to their own energy and Source, to make connections with other like-minded souls, and to begin actively co-creating a space of higher vibrational thought and service-to-All frequency through teachings, practices, and sharing space with others. We uplift the world when we uplift ourselves and our neighbors - and I’m ready to be a bigger part of that!

In this process, I'll also be opening some distance/remote intuitive session availability, as well! I have a few new options for those, so stay tuned for updates in that area coming up in May!!

If you’re interested in scheduling an energy service or skincare with me at Birch, send me a message or check out the website in my Bio above. I can’t wait to see you all in the new space!

Blessings and Light always!

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