Spiritual Integrity

There is not a single thing we could say about someone else, that could not also be applied to ourselves.

There are times when distancing needs to occur in order to protect our field. There is no emotional reaction needed in that. Just an awareness that a boundary needs to occur in order to keep our energy field clear for greater personal awareness. That may be temporary or that may be long term, based on course correction and assessment of self within both parties.

However, this is not a cut and run. We do not point a finger, cast out, and then stand in a false righteousness without going into our own space and gaining a deeper understanding of why we felt a need to pull back in the first place. Sometimes this is because the other individual has some worrisome energy they’re harboring due to unrecognized wounds and leaks in the field. Sometimes it’s a symptom of our own unhealed wounds being triggered by that person’s energy.

But most often: it’s both.

Triggers work both ways. If any emotional reaction from a stimulus arises, we have something to look at within ourselves. And the other party does as well. Self reflection is how we alchemize a “negative” situation into something we learn and grow from. We must ALWAYS be willing to course correct when presented with the opportunity for deeper discernment and connection to Holy Mother and Father.

Influence comes in from every direction - from close, honored friendships, from family, from experiences - and it’s important to consider all stimulus in our life under the lense of personal discernment in order to grow, learn, and become closer to Godsource. No matter where that stimulus and influence may be coming from - even a trusted source. Every single individual has the potential to be operating from a place that is out of alignment with God, no matter how far we’ve come on our path or how much work we’ve done to clear and heal our field. Not a single person is exempt from this. Even you and I.

The ultimate purpose in being here, beyond all else - beyond personal relationships, past lives, indentities, timelines, missions, etc - is internal Union with God. That direct communication and connection to the True Living Light of God is the only absolute Truth we have access to in this fallen matrix. All else has the potential for distortion and layers of fragmentation. But the direct connection to God can be made pure and True with attention and devotion - first and foremost. Rather than looking for validation and understanding from others, or from any outside source - including any guides we may work with - the direct relationship to God is the foundation we have to return to consistently for Truth and clarity.

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