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The Importance of Stillness

I get a little fiery sometimes, so bare with me 🔥🙏

It’s an interesting thing to witness, the movement from blatant imprisonment, abuse, torture, rape, to more of a deceptive mass manipulation. Both have always existed and continue to in tandem, but the out and out Satanic ritualistic system of abuse seemed to be too obvious to be able to manipulate a massive population of humanity. So the false light Luciferian movement slipped in.

Again, this has always been active (since the fall), but there has been a shift in the last few decades in favor of the deceptive love and light, self service above all mentality. Unfortunately, many humans are easily coerced into this pretty idea of choice without consequence. It’s flowery and easy and means no self accountability, which can be a very uncomfortable practice right? Faux self awareness, regurgitation of inverted doctrine, un-embodied “truth”. Let’s go vote, do yoga, buy crystals, do a full moon ritual, and vegan brunch together. Love and light ✌🏻

🙄🙄🙄 I digress.

The verbiage here may trigger some people, but we see this false light doctrine play out in many forms of liberalism, modern feminism, and most definitely New Age spirituality. Service to Self - NOT service to all (which would include the Self) is promoted. But the worst part is that blind followers of this false light manipulation claim that their beliefs are for the ALL. This is not to smear the individuals themselves. They are victims to an agenda. There is such a massive cloud of confusion and deception that comes in with this false light propaganda that many cannot see that what they are saying and what they are promoting are completely contradictory. The lack of self awareness and the propensity for raising one’s voice before getting still and silent is contributing to a spiraling descent in humanity’s timeline.

Yes our voice is valuable and yes we should use it, but not until we have sat in discernment long enough to decipher whether or not what we’re using our voice to promote is truth. The herd mentality is completely devoid of personal identity. The definition of true feminism is so skewed from its true origins with INTENTION. This is not by accident. The true feminine is incredibly powerful and deceptive forces know this, which is why they have distorted feminine power for eons. Until we each choose to lift our eyes and look above the sea of mindless chatter, we will not see Truth. That is our choice. It is our free will that allows us to think with divine intelligence and discern with holy intuition. But we cannot do either of these without self awareness, which comes from the choice to be still. To be present with the One True Unified Field of Light.

There are so many smoke and mirror tactics happening in society and deception is so easy right now. It is becoming increasingly easier to become entangled in the lies and manipulation that are being broadcast and thrown at us from every direction. But we have the answer! It is within us always. We may have to do a little digging and sit with our Selves and our Guides for a while before it becomes clear, but rest easy that it has always and will always be within us through the connection to our Divine Mother and Father. Calling upon that Light removes all shadow. Trust in it and go within. Humanity is counting on you to remember the Truth. Let’s do it together 🙏❤️

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