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The True Beloved Union

True beloveds hold space for one another. There is an idea floating around that you can only find your beloved after you’ve fully integrated both aspects of Self in the hieros gamos template and the journey is complete. That you must walk this path alone and not burden your partner with your healing in any way, even if just to ask for a hand to hold. This is not what I’ve been shown.

It’s true that in order to fully unite with our beloved, we must have at least started this process of integration in some way and have our evolution in understanding as the primary motive for a divine partnership to work. The assumption that we must be fully aligned before this person will present themselves would mean that we likely wouldn’t meet them until ripe old age, if at all! 😆

Furthermore, much of the healing many of us move through involves healing from trauma surrounding romantic union. And much of this can require the help of our beloved holding space as we release and assimilate. This does not mean that they “fix” us, but it does mean that they hold our hand as we “fix” ourselves. They do provide a safe space for us to have some kind of stability as we move through the waves of realization and opening. And we do the same for them. The intimacy that this kind of vulnerability creates is a huge component of Trust. We cannot build trust if we’ve never been in a situation with our beloved where it is required.

We are not robots. We do not move through release without emotion. We are human beings and we are not impenetrable, nor should we be in divine union with our partner. Choosing vulnerability and honesty with our beloved, admitting when we need a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on, removes egocentric patterns of impenetrable constriction and withholding in partnership. If we only seek assistance in our healing from outside mentors and counselors, we miss out on the most beautiful connection we can create through intuitive healing with our partner. Sometimes our partner IS our greatest mentor, showing us divine truth in their supportive actions and words of affirmation. We can learn and understand what true love is from our partner by simply allowing them to hold space for us as we release our wounds.

It is ok to cry in front of our partner. It is ok to express our feelings to our partner. It is ok not to be OK all the time around our partner. We do not always have to run to a counselor when we’re feeling vulnerable. This beloved partnership allows us to be all versions of our Self as we grow and evolve not only ourselves, but our union as well. That is where the divine union template expands and anchors - in those moments where we feel completely vulnerable and our partner meets us with compassion and HOLDS SPACE. Our respectful and supportive relationship with our beloved echoes our internal hieros gamos union with ourselves, and vice versa. There is a reflection happening.

This is a giving and receiving divine union with our beloved. We take turns holding space for one another as we release and expand inward. Never taking from our partner, only accepting what is offered. And always offering space and love for our partner to receive, as well. Not selfish, not victimizing, not abuse or taking advantage of one another. This is giving and receiving in integrity. Holding the highest good for one another in our heart will require us to be present for each other and be the shoulder to cry on, the hand to hold sometimes. This is the true beloved divine union template that I have been shown. This is what I am living out in my own union with my beloved. This is where the bulk of both his and my healing has occurred. We could not have moved through some of the biggest initiations we’ve had without the companionship of one another. We are partners, we have each other’s back, we lift one another up and we support one another equally. All is One in Divine Union.

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