The True Divine Feminine

I saw a post from someone today, a relativity prominent member of the spiritual IG community, that said the weather in their area was in the “feminine” energy - in other words, moody and unpredictable. This is not the first time a female member of this community has expressed a belief that the divine feminine is some kind of tyrant queen who has an inability to move through emotion without a temper tantrum.

A part of me got so fired up about this. I could not see this type of misconception being spread to others without saying something about our True Divine Feminine Mother energy.

The true Divine Feminine is NOT plagued by mood swings or ups and downs. The Divine Feminine energy is what balances us during the emotional roller coaster of our shadow work and human experience. The Divine Feminine brings in understanding, patience, peace, acceptance, and a calm stability in the midst of the torrential ups and downs that the inverted feminine and masculine energies confuse us with. She holds us in her calm embrace as we tangle with the effects of trauma, betrayal, guilt and shame, confusion and hopelessness. She is a steady anchor keeping us centered if we allow her to fill us with her Light.

The inversions would have us believe that the feminine is unpredictable, fickle, changeable, or even turncoat. There is this glorified idea that embodying the feminine is giving ourselves over to the dark night with its illusions and deceptions, even a little wickedness. That by giving ourselves over to that energy we become a powerful and enchanting seductress. But when we look at the root of that archetype, we see that this power is manipulation. It is preying upon others through inverted sexuality and this false idea that open sexuality equates to sacred feminine/masculine embodiment.

This is such a twisted way to view our sacred sexuality and it truly strips us of our power, as well as the ideal union between beloved partners. This is why the mood swings and ups and downs continue to plague us when we attempt to accept and embody this kind of inverted teaching. We are without an anchor. We are not centered in our Divine Feminine Mother. What’s worse is that these kinds of false teachings ask us to EMBRACE the unpredictability of the inversions. That the unpredictability is “feminine nature”. So not only are we being thrown into a depressive cycle of ups and downs by trying to embody this archetype, we’re supposed to be grateful for the mood swings 🤔 I get it, though. The feminine seductress with this power of the “dark witch”, the “sensual sorceress”, the “magick queen” - it’s very alluring. But when we get into the meat and bones of the lifestyle and the inversion codes it’s running, it’s not a path that leads to sovereignty or peace▪️The True Divine Feminine leads us to sacred and devotional sexuality, divine leadership in wholeness and stability, powerful manifestation abilities through peaceful intention, and a humbling place of awareness in the Light of our True Living God.

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