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The True Tabernacle

I just turned 33 fifteen minutes ago… and it’s taken me this long to begin embodying what I wrote about tonight… 😆💜

“Tabernacle: “A PLACE OF WORSHIP. Any abode or dwelling place, or especially the human body, as the temporary dwelling place of the soul, or life.”

…the deepest and most pure space within our multi-dimensional heart… the harmonic caverns, where the Divine Mother’s water flows over the Divine Father’s crystalline architecture… where the spirit of God breathes Life Force into the intricate webbing of our consciousness… this is the true tabernacle.

We just have to be aligned enough within our “being” to meet God there.

We can reconnect with this pure consciousness when we are at our most authentic, our most honest and true. When we have come to a place of deep healing and have learned that it is more important to share our pure crystalline identity and unique gifts with the world, than to hold back out of fear.

We will not be for everyone. Some people will step away from our energy. LET THEM. It is not a condemnation of you that you are not someone’s flavor. It does not make you less worthy.

Do not allow the fear of disapproval to keep you from sharing your Presence, your Light, and your Heart with others. You are a radiant fractal of God’s consciousness, whole and complete unto itself. And you came into this incarnation with a purpose to assist in the expansion of humanity, in service to All.

There is a pure, sacred power in remembering who YOU are. You will not be like anyone else, and you shouldn’t be. We don’t need repeats. What you are and what you have to offer is precious.

Union within the Self - within the true tabernacle of God-consciousness - is THIS. The divine embodiment of Self. Remembrance, acknowledgement, acceptance, and integration of the true Spirit of Authenticity. Dropping pretense, letting go of the “shoulds”, releasing the need to fit in. It’s a deep and shadowy path to let go of these addictive and ingrained patterns, and it requires radical self honesty - but the FREEDOM! Oh the freedom of stepping into True Self.

It’s worth the dive.”

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Annelot Lensing
Annelot Lensing
Nov 28, 2021


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