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True Control Feels Like Peace & Alignment

When you’re in control of your reactions and responses, there is a sense of peace and alignment. Being able to hold your energy, keep your wits, and choose your response is another level of strength and composure.

This isn’t something that many people can do naturally. It is something that requires presence, practice, and self reflection. It requires getting clear on where you are out of alignment in your own energy, where you’re not living up to your own sense of integrity, and where you have loose boundaries with others and with yourself.

The more clear we can get on our own energy, the more easily we are able to acknowledge when someone is out of alignment with their own. We become a bystander, witnessing triggering experiences from a new perspective. Seeing the other person as a victim of their emotions, beliefs, and lack of self care. We can find compassion and forgiveness for their behaviors and outbursts, while simultaneously holding our own boundaries strong.

There is no need for inflammatory emotions or reactivity, because you see the situation for what it is - and this gives you the ability to remain in control.

Control isn’t something we white-knuckle or hold onto for dear life. It isn’t something we hold at all. And it’s not about gaining control of others or external circumstances. That will always elude us.

Control is a state of being.

We find that state of being by becoming aware.

And that awareness feels like peace and alignment.

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