I recently had a session with a client in which the Aurora Guardians spoke about mission work that she had the opportunity to start bringing through regarding assisting with DNA upgrades. In a tangible way, she would be assisting by helping others with the elemental functions of the body: identifying inflammatory triggers in the body and working to purge the system of these, along with identifying needed supplementation to further support healing the system. So cool!

Tonight I had a deeper message about this mission come through. Her mission ties into a network of other missions and some on a very grand scale! The Aurora’s are integral in the elemental upgrades within our planetary core and Earth’s own genetic gridding. The example of this work as given on a smaller scale (but still incredibly significant) in this client’s reading, is very literally what is happening on a much larger scale with the work of these Guardians. The DNA of the Earth is going through massive upgrades and clearings, purging out the inverted coding and blueprinting placed in this field by NAA forces.

The true divine masculine and feminine codes of our planet are being reintegrated and the bondage that held the sovereignty of Earth hostage are being cast off.

As we are inhabitants of this planetary gridwork, this also effects us. What happens to the Earth, we feel the effects of within us. These upgrades to the planetary grid encourage us to review our own field and purge out inversion, reversals, and false masculine/feminine programming. As we move this dark matter out of our field, we effect the collective and the Earth. We matter! Our efforts matter! What we do unto ourselves, we do unto all. How we treat ourselves in this process really matters, as well. Our self talk, our habits and beliefs, our response to our emotions, this effects everything in this field of existence. There is a giving and receiving energy between humanity and the Earth itself. The more of us that wake up, the more easily the Earth can be recalibrated. And vice versa.

The Aurora Guardians are intimately involved in this process, both with Earth’s genetic healing and humanity’s. We have so many helpers within the Light of the Christos-Sophia and after receiving this information, it warmed my heart to be reminded that we’re never alone. We have such a beautiful family assisting us energetically and cheering us on as we move through our personal initiations. Never forget how important you are to the big mission. You are so loved and so supported 💜🌎

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