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What You’re Creating is Creating You

What you’re creating is creating you…

We live in a world of fast-paced instant gratification. The hustle culture has us hyper-focusing on goals and results. And we do need those in order to have a ladder to climb. But the ladder isn’t actually about what we’re achieving. It’s about who we’re becoming in the process.

What you want to create takes another version of you to complete it. That’s a version of you that you haven’t actually met yet. That version is someone who embodies all the character traits needed to complete the tasks you’ve set for yourself. Those are character traits that you may feel you don’t currently have.

Because you haven’t been given the opportunity to express them yet.

As the challenges show up for you - you show up in a new way.

How many times have you impressed yourself with skills you didn’t know you had, with bravery you didn’t think you possessed?

We don’t show up as that next-level version until our environment asks us to.

And that’s what it’s really about. Becoming who we REALLY are. Not who we THINK we are. We are not our thoughts or beliefs. And sometimes life throws us challenges to help us remember that.

Let what you’re creating give you a little fear, a little doubt, or cause you to be a little unsure. Because it’s in the moments of challenge and doubt that you’re given the opportunity to break your own barriers (mentally or physically). And that’s where you are able to see the next-level of who you truly are

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