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Who Are We Speaking To?

It’s so important to know who you’re talking to. It seems like such a simple thing, but in the intuitive/psychic/channeling world, it is the absolute KEY to knowing that the information and energy you’re receiving is true and from Light. Truth can be given by false guides, as well. That’s the most frustrating part. Just because a guide is false doesn’t mean that what they’re saying doesn’t have some merit. But there is ALWAYS an ulterior motive when a false guide is involved. And that is why it is so important to test every being that comes into our field, to ask questions of the individual we’re receiving a session from, and to call in the Christos-Sophia, the Holy Mother and Holy Father, for protection constantly. Anybody, human or otherwise, can dress up in pretty clothes and say fancy words and claim to be something they’re not in order to take advantage of another being. Unfortunately, this is not just something that happens in our human world. It’s actually much worse in the energetic realm. And if we aren’t checking ourselves, asking the right questions, and testing our “guides”, we can be putting ourselves and others in some seriously harmful situations. Of course, this is assuming that we understand the truth that not everything is “love and light”. But even some of us who know there is some nasty stuff out there can succumb to being duped by energetic beings who present themselves as holy, but turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. What’s worse is that many times, lightworkers have no idea they’re being manipulated. It’s a dirty game these dark beings play. And those who are not energy workers or healers, but receive energy work and healing from professionals: you are your own advocate! You MUST discern and ask questions in order to determine if the individual you’re receiving information from is working with guides of the True Living God and our Holy Mother and Father. And you must pray for that discernment and protection. That’s on each of us. It is our responsibility. There are so many beautiful lightworkers who are really trying to help others, and this is not in any way meant to hurt or ridicule any of them, but if they’re not calling in the Light and protecting their field, ANYTHING can come in and offer what seems to be great advice, whilst these beings attach and siphon precious energy and life force from clients and the psychic/intuitive, as well. This leads to a slew of further issues, manipulations, and symptoms of energy rape. This is not to say that lightworkers who call in the Light and the Christos-Sophia don’t struggle - of course we do! But typically we’re able to move through releases and come to understandings about these things. There are explanations and reasonings and the true Guides actively help to heal these areas. Much unlike the false ones who CREATE these issues. The most difficult thing to see is when a lightworker with beautiful intention succumbs to manipulation at the hand of a false Guide. It is absolutely crushing to see one of our own taken down like that. It honestly breaks my heart. But the Light is powerful and prayer is powerful and there is always hope, no matter the person or situation. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own energy field. We are responsible for choosing to educate ourselves and use discernment in who we choose to receive guidance from. It’s really not complicated. As long as we place our trust in the protective embrace of our Holy Mother and Father and learn what it feels like to be in that presence, we will know Truth and we will know safety. And for that, I’m so grateful 🙏💜💙

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