You Cannot Give From an Empty Cup

When we are unable to rest and receive, we cannot give of ourselves properly. One affects the other. A proper balance must be struck. Allowing the self to be nourished and nurtured, allowing the self to receive from others, in addition to giving of our talents, strengths, gifts, and energy. The old saying “you cannot give from an empty cup” still remains an essential truth ✅

When we feel pressure, stress, or a need to provide in some way, often we take the approach of “just get it done, then I’ll rest”. But quite often this leads to poor performance, a subpar product or service, and an unhappy recipient. If we even take 10 minutes to breathe, get a glass of water, and sit before beginning our project, we are more likely to have the endurance to continue and the energy to provide a better experience for ourselves and others ☀️

Our environment and the ones we love bear the brunt of our lack of self care, as well. When we’re overworked and undernourished, we tend to become irritable, testy, prone to outbursts and overreactions 🤬

Stress, anxiety, buried emotion, and burnout take a toll on the physical body as well. Causing a weakened immune system, lack of energy, and poor skin health, among other complaints 👎🏻

We must be our own advocates! If we can build in time every single day to connect with ourselves, identify our emotions, offer compassion and understanding for our reactions and triggers, formulate a plan to address said triggers, and care for our mental and emotional health, we can continue on in a healthier way and give more of the best version of US to the world 🌎

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