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Your Attention Creates Reality

In physics, science tells us that molecular structures will behave in certain patterns while observed by a sentient being. Patterns that the sentient being is able to predict and even control. And when that sentient being’s attention is diverted, the molecules will behave in a totally different and erratic manner.

Attention creates reality.

Every day we are bombarded by news outlets telling us very literally the same story (verbatim in many cases). This information is flooded through our TV’s, radios, smart devices and phones. Capturing the attention of millions of sentient beings living on this Earth. And if we know that molecules behave in certain patterns when observed by sentient beings - what is happening when millions of sentient beings are using their precious attention to focus on a single news story that describes trauma, devastation, war, pain, abuse, and fear? Those molecular structures that create all matter in our physical universe begin to behave in a pattern that matches the frequency of the emotional attention given by those sentient beings. And the wheel of trauma, war, fear, pain, abuse, and devastation rolls on…

But what would happen if we sentient beings began to shift our attention away from the patterns of fear based focus? What if we began to use our attention to focus on what brings us joy? What lights us up? What we feel gratitude and thankfulness for? What we desire for our world and our neighbors? How would those molecules begin to shift and behave?

The saying “it starts with me” is one of the most powerful phrases ever spoken. When we begin to take radical responsibility for our personal attention, our focus, our thought patterns, beliefs, and habitual activities, and start to consciously shift those behaviors into a stream of love, compassion, hope, gratitude, and thoughtfulness for our fellow humans, we literally CHANGE MATTER. We change how molecular structures behave.

Because our world is made of matter and matter is made of molecules - we CHANGE THE WORLD.

This is not to say we bury our heads in the sand. The average adult fully understands what happens in this reality. But immersing ourselves in a constant stream of “truth bombing” only serves to strengthen the energetic agenda of trauma, devastation, war, fear, and abuse. Attention will always effect matter! We cannot fight a war with the same weapons that were used against us. We will fight forever.

It’s when we choose not to fight but to stand - stand in hope, joy, gratitude, and love - and give those same energies to our communities, that we truly win. That is when the bondage falls away and our freedom is reality.

And freedom begins with ME. With YOU. In our individual lives, our personal emotional care, our self love and compassion. In hope for our personal healing and dedication to placing our attention on how we want our life to be, rather than how it has been. And that self love seeps into every person and community we effect and move within. And the domino effect begins to serve a greater cause of healing and peace. We can step forward from the past and into the present where we can create a new future. Each and every one of us are the hope of humanity.

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