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Your Circumstances Don’t Change… YOU DO

Wishing, hoping, praying for situations to shift, your life to change - I think we have all been in that desperate place.

But the reality is, external situations change in response to our personal movement. Whether that’s internal energetic change or the dynamic action we take in the direction of the change we’re seeking. And really, it’s a combination of both that sets the sails.

We can pray and set intentions that we will have the bravery, the courage, the fortitude to make moves; the ability to self reflect and take accountability for where we haven’t been showing up for ourselves; the self awareness to know when we need rest and when we need a swift kick in the ass.

These prayers and intentions are effective! But we are ultimately the only ones who can make the choice to MAKE A MOVE. Praying for change, but then sitting still, waiting for God to pull the strings is only half the equation. WE ARE CO-CREATORS WITH GOD! We are made in the image of that consciousness - and that consciousness is a FORCE!

What lights us up? What makes us curious? Where do we find inspiration? These are the energies that will lead us in the direction of miracles and change! We initiate this process through choice. And our connection to God, our intuition, and our personal discernment guides us through the twists and turns.

Praying, then trusting and having faith that God and our Highest Consciousness will keep us going, will lead us, is imperative. But if we never choose to take the first step - we’ll always be right where we are.

Let our faith and our deep soul desires for our future be the Guiding Light. Let our connection to God be our strength. And let our inspiration always be stronger than our fear 🌟

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