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"Om Mani Padme Hum"

Karuṇā: compassion or mercy, including self-compassion 

Shauna holds and abides by the Spirit of Compassion, or "Karuna"

When we treat ourselves with compassion, we open the door for others to witness our self-love, inviting them to love themselves in reflection. When we love ourselves, are compassionate with ourselves, and offer acceptance and forgiveness within our own being, we find it easier to do so for others, as well. 

Self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance are the cornerstone for a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit...

You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. The more you can take this approach to life, the more you are able to understand the experience you're having on this Earth-plane and the more you can come into alignment within your own Being.

When you operate from a place of alignment...

  • life becomes more streamlined and effortless

  • your desires and dreams become attainable

  • you see manifestation of your heart's desires happen in real time

  • ​you begin to live life with passion and joy

You can truly change the world - and it starts at home, with you claiming your divine power and sovereignty!

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"It is an honor to be of assistance on your journey. When we heal and align within our energy, we assist in healing and aligning the Collective, our neighbors, our community, and this world. Thank you for being here!"

- Shauna

What People Are Saying...

After your reading I felt heaviness instantly lift. This reading means so much to me and I can't thank you enough. I'm so excited for my life and my future. Thank you.

Soul Insight Session

Wow, thank you so incredibly much for that very deep and thorough interpretation. It actually made me tear up... This helped a lot and everything you wrote made sense to me and really made me see the connection of that dream to myself in reality.

Dream Interpretation

You just explained so much to me. So many emotions that I wasn't able to articulate before are outlined.... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! 

Mirror Session


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