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Distance Sessions


Please read the descriptions below to determine which session feels most in alignment for you at this time. Fill out the contact form below or send an email directly to to request a date and time for your session.

If you have a gift card, please include your gift card code for redemption with your message.

All the blessings!

You are a powerful creator, a multi-dimensional being of pure consciousness... and you incarnated here with great purpose...

When we cross the veil into Earth's dimensional field, we go through a bit of amnesia. And then we go through experiences that confuse us more, can cause trauma responses and habitual patterns of survival, which completely throw us out of our natural alignment with Source-Consciousness (aka God and our Highest Self).

We begin to seek, to attempt to find that missing piece that we feel lacking within us. We can go down many gravel roads searching for ourselves, searching for meaning and purpose and simple happiness, but sometimes these routes can leave us feeling even more disconnection and lack.

I'm here to assist in guiding you back into that center of connection in your Heartspace, where all aspects of YOU converge. Where you come home. Where you find God.

"It is an honor to be of assistance on your journey. When we heal and align within our energy, we assist in healing and aligning the Collective, our neighbors, our community, and this world. Thank you for being here!"

- Shauna


No other person, modality, or practice will "fix" you, and you do not require "fixing". All aspects of YOU simply desire to connect. 

I have coined the title "Quantum Alignment Energy Practitioner™" as an attempt to encompass the work we do in our sessions. The intention with any service offered is to assist all aspects of your being in returning to an aligned state, from 1D all the way up to your consciousness within GodSource. An aligned Mind, Body, and Spirit in the present moment is a peaceful and powerful place of creation.

I can't do the work for you, but I can hold your hand while you walk the path and meet yourself on the road to self-connection. I can provide guidance and suggestion. I can witness your energy blockages, your emotional wounds, your physical responses to your experiences and choices, and I can bring through the voices of your Soul, your Spirit, and your Energy Family, all of whom so desperately want to help you find YOU again.

This is the work I do within our energy containers. This is my passion and my joy. This is why I chose to incarnate on Earth in this time cycle. To help others to come home again. And it is my honor to serve my fellow soul-mates in this way.

Sessions are scheduled per request.
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When you're ready to book, send a message using the contact box below. 

Shauna will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up your session time.

Distance Sessions

To request your Session, send us a message here!

We aim to respond to your request within 24 hours.

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