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Shauna is all about Creation...

We are Creators.
And we came here to Create.

Shauna enjoys creating in so many areas of life, and creating intuitively-inspired apparel and homegoods alongside guided meditations, journal prompts, courses, and more... are just some of the ways Shauna channels her Higher Consciousness for her community.

Some of what you'll find in the Shop has been channeled from Higher Consciousness directly. Spirit does not speak in words. Spirit speaks in frequency. And Shauna can "hear" and feel the frequency being conveyed.

Shauna has brought through these frequencies via sacred geometric configurations, which are infused with energy of the message from Spirit. When you wear or look at this sacred imagery, you and others receive the energy of these frequencies through the eyes. The eyes bring that frequency into the body, where the energy is shared within the cells. 

This process was explained to Shauna through Spirit, and she is honored to Channel these frequencies for the good of The All, in order to help raise the Earth's vibration through each individual who chooses to wear these symbols on clothing or use them throughout their home via art or homegoods. Energy with practical purpose!

These Channeled items have their own section below, and the information regarding the infused frequency is explained in the item's description. 

Sacred Geometry... Channeled

cirlceof LOTUSBORN (1).png

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