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Creation Flows when in Alignment

Today’s message came in during a session for a beautiful client of mine and I wanted to share it with everyone, as we can all benefit from the Guides’ advice ❤️

We live in such a success-motivated society. Creating, producing, pushing, forcing, to make more, to do more. This pressure to produce causes us so much stress and anxiety. And often the “motivation” we feel to produce comes from an underlying fear of failure, leading to a sense of self-doubt when we feel we’ve fallen short of the expectations we’ve placed upon ourselves.

This is not the energy of creation as our Holy Mother and Father would bring through us. When we create from a place of alignment and intuition, we are in the flow of the divine. The Divine Feminine flows through us and the Divine Masculine supports us. They work through our unique gifts, talents, and coding to bring forth true creation from the Light.

There is so much power in stillness. This is where we begin to feel the intuition and the voice of our Guides and the Creator. This is where we learn what true inspiration feels like. This is where we feel the needs of our body, mind, and spirit. We can hear our body ask us to “slow down”, “reflect”, “be present”, “rest”.

Most of us are too busy trying to produce and force creation to hear our body and mind screaming for peace. Begging us to stop and recharge. It’s magic when we listen to those urgings from our inner voice and body. When we honor our needs we snap into alignment in such a beautiful way! Life flows, anxiety calms, we find peace.

And the really magical part is that within that peace we find true inspiration and creativity comes to us. Suddenly we feel so inspired, we can’t hold it back! We have to share! That is creation through alignment. It almost creates itself.

There is a time for everything, like they say. A time for rest and a time for productivity. Don’t allow external pressure to force you into movement. Give yourself time to listen and feel into what your mind, heart, and soul need. Love yourself enough to honor those feelings and see how it transforms your life 🙏❤️

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