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Divine Worth

In session recently, I was told by Mother Isis to remember who I am. I have really struggled with accepting who I am, celebrating my unique talents and gifts, seeing myself as worthy or valuable. This is a lifelong struggle and has many sources as to the “why”. It’s easy enough to say: “I am worthy”, “I am valuable”, but to embody that as Truth? That’s another story.

Something Mother Isis said in that session really stuck with me: “Worth is a construct”. We create the idea of “worth” in our human mind. We pull from what society has deemed “worthy” - the job, the house, the car, the titles, the crowd we run with, the vacations we take, the labels we wear. This bullshit has been so force-fed to the collective that most of us accept it as truth subconsciously and don’t have enough awareness to see this program running in the background and question it.

And this isn’t just a mainstream program. Spiritual new age paths have jumped into this cesspool way of thinking as well - trendy yoga studios, brand name yoga and active wear, the diet, the lifestyle, the blissed-out state of existence. Consumerism and trendy-ness are a disease and the vast majority is infected with them. But don’t call them out on it or you’ll be labeled as “negative”.

The problem isn’t the superficial trend, the problem is the brainwashing to remove personal identity. When we “belong”, our ego is stroked. It feels good to be a part of the in-crowd, to be associated with something deemed worthy and valuable, to get attention for the crowd we run with, the clothes we wear, the car we drive. Suddenly, WE have worth by association. We don’t need to dig deeper, we don’t need to find our unique sparks, our abilities and gifts that we were meant to share with this world, that we were meant to contribute in order to lift the veil and bring memories of Truth back to humanity. If we’re kept entertained by our own connections to “value” externally, we remain asleep. We are not a threat to the systems that shackle and bind us, hands tied and mouth silent.

Acknowledging our slavery to this system that drugs us and keeps us subservient is painful. It grinds against our wounds of not belonging, being different, not knowing our inherent value. Acknowledgment asks us to be honest about where we hurt. It asks us to assess where we think we fall short. To bare our hearts and recognize where we didn’t receive love, where we were told we weren’t enough, where we were cast out and abandoned.

This is painful and multi-layered work. It means we open ourselves to being rejected again. Being cast out again. Being told we’re not worthy. But only by those systems that seek to enslave. And only by those individuals who are afraid to look at their wounds as we have.

I am moving through deconstruction of these false systems within my field currently, and it feels that we’re all doing this as a mass purge together. It is messy, it is painful, but it is also beautiful. We learn to trust our Light Family in this process. We forge deeper connections with our Guides and God. We learn the supportive, nurturing embrace of the Holy Mother. We feel the powerful Divine Truth of the Holy Father. We step into our own divine power and remember why we came here!

You are inherently worthy, you are inherently valuable. You are made in the image of the True Living God and nothing outside of your own being creates this. It is your BIRTHRIGHT. Your worth is and has always been present, within you, ready to be claimed. Take the deep dive inward and rip the false trees of inadequacy up from the roots. Step into your power and remember who you are.

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