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It’s funny what our soul remembers and how it reminds us. I remember I was around 10 years old and I had a CD-rom from the dollar store that gave a 3D guided tour of ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian architecture. I must have spent months worth of time scrolling through the ancient buildings. There were no characters, no games, nothing truly interactive. Simply a virtual walk taken around the empty grand halls and grounds of ancient Mesopotamia. I was enraptured. I remember my heart would beat faster and my stomach would do little flips when I would hit “Enter” and the dark screen would open to the overview of the massive complex.

I didn’t know then that my heart was responding to my soul’s memory of multiple lifetimes of love, trauma, joy, fear, hope, and terror. So many opposing feelings laced into memories of parallel lives. All of which are imprinted on the fabric of my energetic body.

I’m still digging beneath the sand and uncovering all of my experiences in this ancient world, which led to further experiences in ancient Egypt and Europe. But with every step I take deeper into my soul’s memory, I’m reminded of my missions and my ideals for coming into incarnation once again. My goals seem to hold a similar thread through each lifetime and I’m following that thread as far as it will go.

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