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Remembering Our Purpose

I’ve been pretty absent here for a little while. I’ve been diving deeper into who I truly am, where I come from, and what I’m doing here, as well as shedding the layers of old identities and the costumes I’ve worn out of protection and programming in this body. The Solstice brought up many inverted masculine programs regarding needing to be acknowledged for validation. Needing to be seen to feel that my purpose was being lived out. This externally-based focus masks an insecurity regarding my ability to bring my purpose through. Like a devoted puppy waiting for confirmation: “Am I doing it? Are you proud?”

As I’ve been going down the rabbit hole further, I’m also finding a contradiction to this. While I may have inverted masculine energy to work through in regards to words of affirmation, I’m also struggling with wanting to hide myself and shed any titles, any gifts or abilities that would have me stand apart from the collective. As soon as the spotlight of acknowledgment comes on, I hide my tail between my legs and scamper off 🐶 I genuinely want every single angelic human being to stand in the Light of their own radiance! It is my deepest desire. To see someone I’ve worked with move through a big release and acknowledge some of their power - what a proud mom moment!! 😆

And this is important, because it brings me back to my purpose. Our core purpose helps us to manage any fears regarding our gifts, our abilities, worth constructs, and insecurities around our ability to hold space for our missions. The switch is flipped and instead of hyper-focusing on the external title or ability, suddenly those talents and gifts serve the mission! Like magic, taking a moment to remember our “Why” brings us back to Truth. It takes the power from the insecurity and shifts that power to the purpose. It was never about us, it was always about the mission. Very “a girl has no name” type of a vibe (GOT reference, anyone?).

This doesn’t mean we bypass our issues with worth, ability, gifts, or our importance. But it does allow that shift to happen so we can manage our movement through those struggles by offering proper perspective. We ARE each important and who we are at a soul level is tied to gifts and templates that allow us to serve the mission in our own unique way. And it’s important to acknowledge that unique energy signature in order to properly embody those divine codes. Humility is wonderful, but it can be taken to a fault. Balancing that humility with acceptance of our talents and gifts allows us to serve the greater mission of collective reconnection to God in the most pure and honest way. And remembering our purpose, our “Why”, opens that path of balance to us.

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