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True Abundance

I used to be the manifestation queen. So wrapped up in creating what I desired, and helping others to create what they wanted as well. And I was damn good at it! There is such an emphasis now on becoming more spiritual and connecting with Source-energy - simply for external purpose. The “more” mentality. When the purpose of self awareness and self connection is to create more externally: something is wrong. This mindset is the polar opposite of Divine Truth.

ALL EXTERNAL MOVEMENT SHOULD LOOP BACK AROUND TO SERVE THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF CONNECTION TO SOURCE AND INTERNAL UNION. It’s ok to want things for the simple purpose of Sophianic joy, but the second that desire has any drop of ego or power-gain associated with it, it becomes inverted.

Money for example: it has a lot of black magic ties to it, but we do live in a society where it is necessary. And we can actually do our part to purify what we can within this value exchange. Money can serve a purpose that aligns with the ultimate goal of internal union with Source. Besides giving us the ability to provide for ourselves and our family, money allows us more freedom and the opportunity to have joyous experience, which can fuel that internal connection as well. When the focus is to serve our union with God and the “service to others” mission, we can have beautiful abundance!

On the flip side: scarcity and poverty are NOT of God. Those are inversions of Source energy that are just as dangerous and debilitating as ego/power focused gain. There has to be a balance in between these two extremes that comes from focusing on that pure, connective purpose.

Money, a relationship, a career, belongings: anything external at all! As long as we’re keeping that purpose of inner unity with God at the forefront of our mind within all of our choices, movement, and desires, and we intentionally ask for assistance in keeping true to that focus, we can be course-corrected and guided to a path that is supported by true abundance and prosperity in every way, in keeping with our mission codes and purpose.

Drop the “manifestation” game and return back to that inner connection with Self and God. It won’t steer you wrong.

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