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Part of the "Channeled Collection" from Psychic Channel, Shauna Rupp. 


This Channeled Sacred Geometry was brought through from Spirit and carefully recorded by Shauna to hold a frequency with an intended message from Source.


This particular design holds the frequency message:

"The light that exists within you is from beyond time. Your light exists within all projections of your consciousness. Remember your divine origins and be at peace."


Shauna receives Light Language through communion with Higher Consciousness. She describes this as a "feeling" rather than something that can be heard. The feeling holds harmonic and vibrational patterns that come to her in the form of otherworldly words, harmonic tones, sounds, and symbols.


"Blessings and Light be with you as you perceive this message within these sacred symbols."


This Kiss-Cut Sticker features black print on a transparent background, suitable for application on any surface!

"Divine Origins" Channeled Sacred Geometry Transparent Sticker

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