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This instructional PDF takes you through the steps of the daily spiritual hygiene practice of grounding and stabilizing your energy, as well as clearing any residue or energetic cords from your body and energy field.



"Humans are like sponges. As we move through our day to day life, we pick up the energy and emotions of people, environments, and experiences we come into contact with. Often, we don’t even know we’re carrying this energy with us as we move forward.


This collection of energy in our field is inorganic to our own personal energy signature. Due to this, we can develop emotional, mental, and even physical symptoms when we carry around energy that is not ours. Fatigue, sadness, confusion, anger, aches and pains - all of these and more can sometimes be attributed to the collection of inorganic energy we’re carting around with us. Spiritual hygiene requires “cleaning” the energy every day. Just like you take a shower or brush your teeth every day, clearing residue from your field will ensure a healthy and strong interpersonal connection and clarity of Mind and Spirit."

Grounding and Clearing Your Energy PDF File

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