Emissaries of Hope

I have been in a sort of incubation period for months. I still am and I feel I likely will be for a while longer. And I think most of us feel that way right now. World topics aside - even in our personal lives, I hear so many describing how they feel an extreme pressure, facing achingly difficult choices, letting go of desires for the self that somewhere inside they know is truly the best path, but still so difficult.

The pressure is like that of coal being transformed into a diamond. And truly, that is what is happening in this challenging and painful process. Breaking down phantom timelines, trauma based emotional responses, false structures and belief systems, allowing God to remove the inorganic wires and repair the organic threads of crystalline consciousness within us.

It is a dark night of the soul.

Beautiful and necessary, but not a comfortable process. So many of us are dealing with situations that force us to sit still - to be present - to let go of what has been and what could be, surrender our idea of “what should be” to what currently is, right now, in this moment.

The irony is, within that still present moment is true freedom. Allowing ourselves to rest within the vast, harmonic, and nourishing womb of the Mother - to cry, to release, to be held, to allow the emotions to flow freely without censure.

And in this process, learning to trust in the Father. That as we surrender our need to control and force our will upon these situations, God can continue the process of restructuring the foundation upon which we have built our being and consciousness, through many traumas and wounds over many lifetimes, back into that organic Truth that exists within that connection to True Living Godsource. A connection that we must choose.

Throughout this process, I keep being reminded of the phrase, “accept what is, and hope for what will be.”

Not that we accept evil, tyranny, harm or abuse, but rather that we be still, be present, acknowledge and become aware of what is in front of us and within us. No excuses. And then choose to stay in that present moment. Not projecting or manipulating through force and disillusion, or trying to escape through distraction, but instead, moving deeper in that still moment, into the direct connection to God for greater understanding and support.

Allowing the healing presence of God to nurture and repair our body, mind, heart, and soul. So that we may be an example of God’s love, compassion, Truth, and organic consciousness upon this earth. The emissaries of Hope. Not allowing the outside noise to distract us away from the ultimate purpose of union within the self and with God. We are that guiding Light for others, as long as we allow ourselves to be. But we have to be present in that relationship first and foremost.

We heal the earth, the timelines, and humanity, as we receive healing into ourselves. Timeline repair, trauma dissolving, wound healing, retrieving fragments and aspects of self - it all happens in that present space with God. No intuitive sessions required. Choosing to spend the present moment in stillness with the Holy Mother and Father is choosing healing, reparation, and Truth. And within that present-minded choice, is the hope for the future. Please be Still.

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