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God Expresses Through You

The unique frequency of Light that moves through you is tied to your desires, your gifts, your natural abilities, and your interests. It’s a part of your personality and your perception.

It’s what makes you, YOU.

It is also how GodSource expresses through you.

That unique spark has been present in you since the moment of your spiritual conception. The moment you became an individuated aspect of God, experiencing as a fractal of Source’s consciousness through countless embodied lifetimes and experiences without physicality, too.

When you express as YOU, you express GOD.

When you explore your interests, when you share from the heart, when you offer your thoughts and perspective, when you share your talents and gifts - you are offering the unique expression of God through the lens of Source’s individuated form that is YOU.

And likewise:

When you hold back out of fear of judgment.

When you silence yourself to keep others comfortable.

When you hide your gifts out of worry that you won’t measure up.

When you compare yourselves to others.

When you allow the opinion of another human to be louder than the voice of God that speaks through you…

You hide God.

You compare God.

You silence God.

You shame God.

This is not to ridicule or condemn! Quite the opposite! This is to show you how special you truly are!

You are an ambassador of GodSource in the flesh!

You move God’s inspired expression through your very cells and veins!

You express the multi-faceted glory of God’s creation with your voice and breath!

When you play small, you say God is small.

But when you advocate for yourself, you advocate for God’s Light to move into expression on the physical Earth planet.

Never doubt your importance.

Never doubt your ability.

Never doubt your voice.

And especially, never doubt the absolute, unconditional love that God has for you - because God entrusted YOU with the expression of their Cosmic Heart - in the way only YOU can offer it.

You are so loved.

You are so appreciated.

Thank you for being You, and sharing it with the World ❤️

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