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The Purpose in Pain

In my time working with Spirit (6 years offering healing sessions, over 10 years as a student of metaphysics, and a lifetime of communication with Source), one of the most important and useful topics of healing I’ve learned is this:

Every ailment, dysfunction, disease, accident, and illness has an energetic meaning.

That’s a bold statement, right? I have found that it is ALWAYS true. Even congenital issues have a root in spiritual meaning.

Our body is always working with Spirit to convey messages in ways our Higher Self hopes we will pay attention to.

The symptoms and location of the problem or disfunction are the message - those details tell us the function and purpose of the information being delivered.

I see clients for physical concerns more often than any other reason. And every time, we are guided to the message that the body (and Spirit) is trying to get through to the individual. There is ALWAYS a purpose in the pain.

When we address the root purpose, the message of the disfunction, there is no longer a reason for the ailment. You got the message! You did the work and made the changes! So the disfunction and its symptoms go away.

In some instances, the ailment is karmic or there is a plan for this life that requires a diagnosis. Even in these cases, when we understand why the ailment is present, as well as what we’re meant to be healing or growing through with the disfunction, we can lighten the load and reduce symptoms drastically.

Have a question about a physical problem? I’m here to help! Send me a message or book a session and let’s get to the root of your concerns ❤️

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